The Father’s ROSE is a network of churches who have come together to help widows, widowers, senior singles, and single parents in their community with needed services such as minor automotive and home repairs.

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Participating Churches Must Believe

The church has to believe that Jesus Christ is God, His only begotten Son who was born of a virgin, died on a cross and was resurrected on the third day and will return some day, and is part of the Trinity. The church must also believe that salvation is obtained only by unearned grace and the substitutionary blood shed by Jesus for our sins. The church must have an active visitation and evangelistic program and the church agrees to comply with the procedures and guidelines suggested by the Father’s ROSE, Inc.


How Participating Churches Get Started

After a church contacts the Father’s ROSE administrator, Mr. Tommy Bowermeister and agrees to become a member of the Father’s ROSE organization, the church then surveys it’s members to determine what services can be provided, and what skill levels each member has regarding the services.

Each church then holds a kickoff event inviting members and neighbors to receive services, such as an automotive check-up activity so neighbors who do not come to the church can learn more about the church and it’s services. At the kickoff event, the church provides materials about the church and the Father’s ROSE services the church can provide. Beverages and snacks are sometimes provided as well.