The Father’s ROSE is a network of churches who have come together to help widows, widowers, senior singles, and single parents in their community with free services such as minor automotive and home repairs.

Receiving Services is Simple

Step 1: Choose a Service 

The “Our Services” page has a thorough list of services offered by our member churches.

Step 2: Choose a Participating Church

From the “Find a Church” page, locate a church that provides the service that you desire.

Step 3: Make Contact 

Once you have identified a church that provides the services you need, locate the phone number or email address listed on their profile or complete the appointment form for that church. Each participating church has a dedicated Father’s ROSE coordinator that can provide information about when and which team will be visiting you to provide the desired services.

Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

All Father’s ROSE representatives come to your home as a team, usually a male and female. The team member doing the services will provide a liability release form that you will sign before any services are performed. Complete the appointment form on the page from the church that can provide the services you desire.

Services are provided free to you.

You just pay for any materials and parts needed for the repair.