April 2013

Dear Father’s ROSE,
I just want to say thank you so much for taking down the dead tree limb from my front yard. You showed up with all the necessary equipment, cut down the limb, and hauled away much of the mess.

Being a single mom, not only is it difficult to find someone to do the work who is trustworthy, but the cost to get the job done is always a concern. As a single woman, I have been taken advantage of by contractors and handy men in the past.

I am so grateful you were willing to reach out and help single mother’s (women), who might otherwise not be able to take care of life’s chores that are too difficult for us to manage!!

Your ministry has been a great help to me. Thanks again for sending trustworthy and skilled people to help me with my tree.

A Tallahassee, FL resident

August 2013

Dear Father’s ROSE,
Thank you so much for helping me with my gutter problem. A widow has to search very hard for someone who will not take advantage of her sometimes.

My previous handyman who installed my gutters several years ago has died and I didn’t know who to call when my gutter separated from my garage and was spilling over into my yard. One contractor I contacted stated that I needed a new gutter and another contractor said he would repair it, but his minimum charge was $100.00 for any service.

The helpers from the Father’s ROSE were very responsive and it only cost me $25.00 for the five brackets required to re-attach my gutter to the house. The service was completely FREE!

It’s organizations like the Father’s ROSE that help widows, widowers and single parents that deserve special recognition and I plan to let others know about the wonderful service you provide on behalf of a local church.

A Tallahassee, FL widow

The Father's ROSE Vision

Give the Father what you have and let Him feed the need. Matt 14:16 Mark 6:37 Luke 9:13 John 6:6 (based on the miracle feeding of the 5000)


Provide minor home and automotive services for widows, widowers, and single parents who do not attend a local church. Simultaneously share the gospel and talk about the love of Christ. Act 4:13

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