How The Fathers Rose Works

As mentioned on the Home Page, the Father’s ROSE is a non-profit ministry with a mission to help widows, widowers, and single parents with minor automotive and home repairs. Actually the list of services is pretty extensive. See the FAQ for the entire list of services.

A church agrees to become a member of the Father’s ROSE organization. Then, the church receives funds and resources from the Father’s ROSE organization to participate in the ministry.

The church surveys its members to determine what services can be provided and what skill levels each member has regarding the services.

Then each church holds a kickoff event at its church inviting members and neighbors to receive services such as an automotive check-up activity so neighbors who do not come to the church can learn more about the church and its members. At the kickoff event, the church provides materials about the church and the Father’s ROSE services the church can provide. Beverages and snacks are sometimes provided as well.

Once someone hears about the Father’s ROSE ministry from a friend or advertisement, they can go to this website to locate a Father’s ROSE member church which is close to them and what services are provided. All someone needs to do is put their zip code in the website window called “Find a member church in your area” to find the closes church near you.

Each church will have a coordinator who provides a phone number or email address on the website. By contacting the Father’s ROSE coordinator, you will get information about when and which team will be visiting you and providing the desired services. All Father’s ROSE representatives come to your home as a team, usually a male and female.

Services are provided free to you. You just need to pay for any materials or parts needed for the repair. The team member doing the services will provide a liability release form that you will sign before any services are performed.

The Father’s ROSE will provide services initially and once you become a member of the church, you can get similar services through another group in the church.

Donations to the Father’s ROSE ministry are tax deductible and can be given through the Donate button on the Home Page.

If you have more questions about the Father’s ROSE, click on the FAQ here or on the Home Page.

The Father's ROSE Vision

Give the Father what you have and let Him feed the need. Matt 14:16 Mark 6:37 Luke 9:13 John 6:6 (based on the miracle feeding of the 5000)


Provide minor home and automotive services for widows, widowers, and single parents who do not attend a local church. Simultaneously share the gospel and talk about the love of Christ. Act 4:13

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