Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does the Father’s ROSE ministry provide?

Answer: The Father’s ROSE begins by seeking services that the church widows, widowers and single parents need. Based on these needed services and the skills of church members, each church determines what services they can provide. Typically, the services consist of:
Minor automotive servicing and repairs
Computer software and anti-virus advice
Drywall repair
Minor electrical repairs
Financial advice
Foundation repair advice
Minor Heating and Air Conditioning repairs
Legal assistance and advice
Minor roofing
Mortgage Assistance and advice
Mowing and edging
Minor Plumbing and toilet repairs
School tutoring
Minor Tree trimming
Window repairs
Yard maintenance

2. Are all the above services provided at all churches?

Answer: No, only services that have skilled workers will be provided at a church. The website lists the services provided for each church.

3. What if I can’t find a church in my area?

Answer: You can contact the closest church to see if someone from that church will be visiting your area in the future and can schedule a repair during that visit.

4. Can I get services on a continual basis and not join a church? ?

Answer: No, you will only be able to have the Father’s ROSE help you a couple times. Becoming a member of a Father’s ROSE church will help you see how members connect, love, and help each other.

5. Can I use a church not in my area to provide services that a church in my area doesn’t provide?

Answer: Yes, if you can schedule the assistance with another church coordinator.

6. Why do I have to sign a liability release form before services are provided?

Answer: The Father’s ROSE is using skilled workers to provide a service, and tries its best to assist you in your time of need and leaves the risk entirely up to you to determine if you trust the worker to provide the service or hire a professional to perform the service instead.

7. Do I have to pay for the services provided by the Father’s ROSE, Inc?

Answer: No, all services are provided free of charge. You only pay for the materials or parts/fluids required to repair your home or automobile.

8. How does a church become a Father’s ROSE ministry member?

Answer: The church has to believe that Jesus Christ is God, His only begotten Son who was born of a virgin, died on a cross and was resurrected on the third day and will return some day, and is part of the Trinity. The church must also believe that salvation is obtained only by unearned grace and the substitutionary blood shed by Jesus for our sins. The church must have an active visitation and evangelistic program and the church agrees to comply with the procedures and guidelines suggested by the Father’s ROSE, Inc.

The Father's ROSE Vision

Give the Father what you have and let Him feed the need. Matt 14:16 Mark 6:37 Luke 9:13 John 6:6 (based on the miracle feeding of the 5000)


Provide minor home and automotive services for widows, widowers, and single parents who do not attend a local church. Simultaneously share the gospel and talk about the love of Christ. Act 4:13

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