About Us

The Father's ROSE is a 501 (c) (3) public charity designed to share the love of Christ. It has six Board of Directors.

Meet the Father's ROSE Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ms. Margaret Howard

The widow representative. She is very active in her church and also serves on a Prison Ministry board.

Board of Directors

Rev. Donald Mitchell

The widow representative. He is a retired pastor and religious educator.

Board of Directors

Ms. Debbie Butler-James

The single parent representative. She is active in her church and also helps with a prison ministry.

Board of Directors

Rev Curtis Clark

Rev Curtis Clark is a Sr. Pastor in a Baptist Church and helps the Father's ROSE board understand the dynamics of church operations.

Board of Directors

Dr. Shelley Todd

Dr. Shelley Todd is a Family Counselor who helps the Father's ROSE board understand the needs of single parents, widows, and widowers at various times during their life.

Board of Directors

Mr. Tommy Bowermeiste

The Sr. Vice President is Mr. Tommy Bowermeister. He administers the Father's ROSE organization and coordinates all aspects of the ministry.

The Father's ROSE Vision

Give the Father what you have and let Him feed the need. Matt 14:16 Mark 6:37 Luke 9:13 John 6:6 (based on the miracle feeding of the 5000)


Provide minor home and automotive services for widows, widowers, and single parents who do not attend a local church. Simultaneously share the gospel and talk about the love of Christ. Act 4:13

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